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Lumpinee Camp is located in Limassol on the island of Cyprus (Europe).
Our Chief Instructor Master  Kyriakos Christofi (14 Khan), has been certified in Thailand by the Association Institute of Thai Matial Arts ( A.I.T.M.A).
He has also been certified by the Rangsit Muay Thai Institute Thailand as Instructor Level 2 and by Master Sken in the UK.
Arjarn Kyriakos Christofi is a very well known and respected Kru (Teacher) for his dedication to his instructors, students and fighters, also for his very high standards and his vast knowledge of the art of Muay Thai.
From the years 2004 to 2007, Arjarn Kyriakos, representing his country Cyprus as National Team Coach, lead his team to the World and International Championships of IFMA and WMF securing many medals including Gold.
Lumpinee Camp's fighters have been the best in Cyprus for many years holding nearly every belt in every category.  They have both fought and won many many fights overseas.
Lumpinee Camp holds classes for all ages.
  • Our Kid's Academy includes children from as young as five and classes are held twice a week.
  • Adult classes are held every night and include both men and women
Lumpinee Camp's very well equipped Muay Thai gym offers all the necessary facilities including full sized ring, bags of all weights and speed balls.  For fitness, we offer weights and an assortment of cardiovascular machines.
Cyprus being a holiday destination, Lumpinee Camp welcomes tourists to our gym.
If you are a novice or an experienced fighter, our gym is the perfect place for you to train.  Arjarn teaches his classes in English.
Arjarn Kyriakos Christofi also offers:
  • Group seminars for fighters.
  • One on one private training.
  • Seminars for clubs or groups who are interested in the art of Muay Thai.
  • Muay Thai training from overseas groups where diplomas are given to all participants.  Full board and accommodation can also be arranged.
  • Seminar or private courses in instructor training. 
    These courses teach instructors the following: 
  • Level Exams (Khan)
  • Master Trick Analysis Mae Mai
  • Look Mai
  • Advanced Djaab Ko
  • Terminology and procedures
  • Efficient Pad Work
  • Fighter development
  • Ring methods
  • Thai Massage
  • Hand taping
Your progress in Muay Thai is our first priority making you PROUD TO BE A LUMPINEE BOXER !!
Arjarn Kyriakos Christofi




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